Coronado Red Devil

IMG_1673I just tried one of the Crown series from one of my favorite local breweries, Coronado Brewing Company. Red Devil, as you might guess from the name, is a red, but this one is “imperial”. Seeing this last word on any beer draws me to it immediately, but it got me wondering what I was actually buying. It turns out this is a throwback to the days when the English brewed beer for Russian royalty. It is basically an extra alcoholic, more hoppy version of whatever style to which it is tagged. This one is no exception.

It pours a pretty deep red with a somewhat soapy, off white head. It smells very hoppy, with hints of malty, earthy tones. The taste–oh the taste. It hit me pretty hard at the top with all of the hops, but mellowed down as I drank it. It had a pleasant maltiness and a slight floral taste, with a warm alcohol finish. At 8.8% abv, it is surprisingly easy drinking, though you will definitely feel the booze.

Definitely worth a try.


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