Sowin’ Oatis

IMG_1928 Ninkasi is my favorite brewery. Oatmeal stout is my favorite kind of beer. Put the two together and you have one fine beer experience.

This one pours a rich, thick root beer color, with a tan frothy cap of foam on top. The aromas coming from the glass couldn’t have been more comforting: sweet vanilla and chocolate, with hints of bitter maltiness lurking just behind. The taste, per usual, was much the same. The richness of the vanilla and chocolate were the first to come through, followed by some bitterness and finished with a very mild aftertaste of the vanilla and a bit of the chocolate.

As this was an oatmeal stout, it lacked both the grainy taste and hop bitterness some regular, to contrast stouts can have. Simply said, this is a fantastic beer you can enjoy anytime of the year.

I also want to look for Ninkasi’sIMG_1929 German-style lager called Lux, it with this good, though heavier-by-nature beer. More on that later, if I can find it.

On a suggestion by one reader (whose suggestion came in offline), I will start giving the beers I put up here a rating on a scale of 1 to 5. I know I am hardly the first to do this, but you are here, so I want to share with you my overall impression.

I would give this beer a:


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