Mermaid Sighting!

IMG_2023As I continue my journey through the San Diego beer scene, I couldn’t help but come back to my favorite beer of them all: Mermaid’s Red from Coronado Brewing Co. This here is a good beer.

It poured a brilliant, clear red with a cap of frothy off white head. Not much lacing clings to the glass, as it turns slushy quickly and slides back down to rest on top, before quickly dissipating. The aromas coming off the top right after pouring reminded me of something slightly sulfurous, though not unpleasant. After the sulfur, it the moderate floral hoppiness comes through, with only a slight malty smell in the background (if smells can have backgrounds).

IMG_2027The taste starts off right away with the floral taste from all the hops. What follows is a bitterness that helps flatten out some of the hoppiness, finishing with a moderate bitterness, with slight hints of rich malts rounding it out.

I love this beer for its complexity, despite its “mid-range” description.






Overall, I would rate this beer:



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