Beer o’ the Sea


Would you try beer made with this? I would!

As documented on this blog, I have had many different kinds of beer: wheat, fruit, rice, rye…but algae? I recently happened across an article on the blog “The Salt” that caught my eye…and my taste buds. Now, I didn’t actually get to try it, but were I to find some at a place that served beer made with seaweed, a kind of algae…

According to the brewers of this fine experiment, of the Marshall Wharf Brewing Co., they decided to take something they apparently have a lot of around Maine and brew with seaweed. They harvested a kind of seaweed called sugar kelp and dried it, much like brewers do with hops, then just threw it in the tank to boil. For their recipe, it took six pounds of kelp for a 200-gallon batch of beer.

The finished product, according to Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery:

Pours a beautiful, russet mahogany. That’s a nice beer. I get a lot of caramel notes early in the taste.

It was also described as malty, earthy and salty. Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. began pouring Sea Belt Scotch Ale on July 15.

I’ll be looking this one up for sure.


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