Wünderbar Summer Beer

IMG_2071I have finally committed to calling one brewery my favorite and it’s Ninkasi Brewing Company. That decided, I saw this and had to have it. Although I don’t know that much about the Kölsch style, I do know that it makes a refreshing summertime drink. Come to find out, it used to be made exclusively in the town of Cologne (“Köln” in German), Germany. Traditionally, they were all-barley pale ales, but this one was made with the ever-popular German spalt hop variety, giving it a nice mild, easy drinkability.

First, the pour: light and slightly hazy with very active carbonation. The bright head was very light and dissipated very quickly. The first smell to hit me was a sourness; not overpowering, but I didn’t really remember that from any other kölsch I had before. I got lemon, grass and a light flowery scent from this beer.

IMG_2070The taste first made me think I was drinking a wheat beer, with a faint dry, grainy character that is normally reserved for hefeweizen styles, though the large bubbles in the carbonation helped lighten it up quite a bit. After the wheat experience, I was greeted with very mild, fresh taste of lemon and grass. Afterward was a slight sourness, with reminders of the lemony grassiness.

A great summer refreshment overall, I would rate this beer:



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