Stoned Peppers

IMG_2065Stone Brewing Co. is a growing San Diego brewery that has lots of beers that use a ton of hops, which is one reason I haven’t really had a whole lot from them. They also don’t go for over-the-top alcohol content with most of their stuff, aside from certain special releases, which I appreciate. They are also willing to try new stuff, which includes a slew of collaborations throughout their history and upcoming.

I have had their Smoked Porter, which is great, but when I saw a smoked porter with chipotle peppers, I had to try it. It pours a clean, clear dark brown with thin tan head that doesn’t stick to the glass or hang around long. This isn’t all that uncommon among porters, but this seemed extra short-lived. The aromas coming from the glass were chocolaty and smoky, though the smoke was not overpowering. It also had hints of spice from the peppers and some light sweetness.

IMG_2066The first thing on the taste was the chocolate, which I expected from a porter. Working through was the peppery taste then some sweetness, sliding back to the peppers with some smoke on the finish. After swallowing, there was a spicy acidity that came back up that felt a little like heartburn, which was not particularly pleasant.

Overall, I would rate this beer:



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