Great Hops of Fire!

Deschutes Cinder Cone Red“Goodness, gracious, great [hops] of fire!” …ok, not really, but it sounded clever (enough). I would have thought with a name like Cinder Cone that this was a seasonal, but apparently they brew it year round. I had never seen this one from Deschutes before so I was kind of excited to try it.

It poured a deep orange-red with sudsy medium white head that streaked down the glass a little. The aromas included a slight fruity sweetness and a touch of sourness, but mostly hops. This gave me pause, as it didn’t present itself as an imperial red ale, but just as a regular red. My confusion lasted but a second, though and IĀ pressed on. The first taste I got was bitterness right out the gate. It did have a smooth mouthfeel, with light carbonation and a bit of fruitiness.Cinder Cone top Toward the end, it presented the maltiness I had been missing the whole way through, but finished fruity and hoppy.

I was disappointed by the emphasis on the hops in this one, as I expected a bit more malty warmth from a beer with such a fiery name. Alas, too many hops for me, but still passable:


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