Tripping on Melons

DeschutesHopTripFreshHopPaleAle_fullWhenever I see a beer from what has become one of my favorite breweries in Deschutes, I have to try it. It was no different when I decided to try the Deschutes Hop Trip Fresh Hop Pale Ale. Even though the hoppy name put me off a bit, I pressed forward.

It poured a deep golden red color with medium white head that stuck around a while and left some nice lacing on the glass (despite the lack of lacing in the picture…) There was a light smell of fresh fruit and malt on the smell, with a nice hoppiness coming through afterward. On the taste, it was medium-bodied with light carbonation. Some fruity berries came through at first. The most surprising bit of this one was the slight watermelon flavor I got after the berry DeschutesHopTripFreshHopPaleAle_topflavors. This was refreshing, if a bit odd for a beer called “Hop Trip.” That refreshing watermelon stayed through to the finish, with a touch of maltiness on the tail end.


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