Party on the Pacific

Pacific Brewing PanoWell, party IN the Pacific…Brewing Co. that is. Another Mira Mesa industrial office park brewery, Pacific Brewing is a small place in a mostly off-the-main-drag area of Mira Mesa.  It has a very nonchalant surfer vibe, minus the cheesy surf music that many usually associate with such a vibe. I was thankful for that. They sort of do what they can with the space they have, with brewing tanks along the left wall- one of them still on the pallet because they haven’t the equipment to take it off said pallet- two small cocktail/patio tables with stools between the tanks and the fairly impressive tasting bar to the right. They even have menus from which to order sushi from a place that delivers right to the table inside the brewery! It’s a great system.

Sticky Icky Strong AleWith seven beers on tap, it was hard to choose. Per my usual M.O., I settled on the most questionably named, the Sticky Icky Strong Ale. It poured a deep amber color with a thin layer of fizzy white head. Malty aromas defined the smell, with some dark fruit and a little tartness to keep things interesting. On the taste, there was not much carbonation, so I noticed the thick mouthfeel right away. Heavy malts dominated up front without much else coming through. Some bitterness through the middle broke that up a bit and helped it finish dry with a little less maltiness lingering.


Golden Coast BlondeSince I usually do things out of order, I next went for a lighter beer with the Golden Coast Blonde Ale. This one poured a rich gold color with big, loose bubbles that made for sudsy head that streaked down the glass. It smelled ‘beery’, with slight skunkiness, though not enough to be unpleasant. There were also some fresh fruit aromas to help keep things appetizing. The taste was anything but skunky- light and bright, with some fruitiness and a little malt underneath. Light carbonation and mild through the middle, it finished equally as mild, with the beeriness and malts returning. I liked this one.


This is a great little startup brewery and I wish these guys a lot of success!

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