British “Flavor”

New English BrewingNew English Brewing is a VERY small brewery in the Mira Mesa/Sorrento Valley area. Their operation is pretty typical of breweries around here: just a stall in an industrial office park, with a rollup door in front that gives the impression of a self-storage warehouse. There was a British flag on the wall, with the tasting counter straight ahead and the fridge/storeroom behind it. Three tables are all that fit in the very small amount of floor space available.

What they lacked in space, New English made up for in beer selection. They had a lot of different beers to choose from. Not wanting to miss out, I decided to make myself a flight: two casks, a brown and a tripel.

I started with the casked Pure & Simple IPA. It poured a rich golden color, with foamy head that stuck to the sides of the glass. It smelled mild, with slight fruity and flowery aromas. Medium mouthfeel and light in carbonation were the first impressions I got on the taste. The middle was malty with some fruity hops and it finished somewhat dry with mild hops trailing.


Next I sampled another cask offering: Humbly Legit IPA. This one poured a light golden with creamy, sticky white head. Aromas were floral and grassy; reminded me of springtime. The taste was equally as creamy as the pour led me to believe it would be. No identifiable flavors came through at first, though. Mild malty flavors lasted through the middle of the drink. Virtually no carbonation and medium-light mouthfeel, the maltiness faded to mild and dry sensations, with only a faint flowery hop flavor trailing. Not very strong on flavor on this one.



After that, I moved to the Brewers Special Brown. It poured dark amber, with small, loose off white head. It smelled carmelly sweet from a heavy dose of malts. The taste followed right up with sweet carmel and malty sweetness, though more mildly than the aromas led me to believe. There was also a very slight taste of dark fruit underneath all the maltiness. Medium mouthfeel and light in carbonation, it finished very malty sweet and carmelly. Despite all the sweetness, I liked this beer.


Finally, I made my way to the Troopers Tripple (not tripel as I originally thought.) This session IPA poured very pale yellow with fizzy white head that did not stick around long. It smelled hoppy and grassy, with some light fruit aromas. A strong dose of flowers met my tongue on the taste. I noted the medium mouthfeel and light carbonation next, followed by a malty middle, finishing with more floral flavors, with some fruitiness. It also left my mouth a little dry.


So, not an overwhelmingly tasty collection of beers greeted me on this visit, but overall I enjoyed this brewery brought.

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