Let the Party Continue!

IMG_3628I decided Pacific Brewing Co. deserved another visit, as I only tried two of their offerings before. This time I opted for a flight to get a good idea of their range of brews. From left to right in the image above, I started with the Cruiser Pale (5.4% abv). It poured a cloudy dark golden color. Effervescent, it gave off sugary aromas with some maltiness and citrus, as well. It tasted creamy, with the maltiness up front. Nice carbonation toward the middle, which helped to break up the light-medium body. It finished mild, somewhat sour and tart, with the malts trailing. A really dynamic beer for a pale ale:


Next was the Simma Down Brown (5.8% abv). This one poured dark brown, almost black, with smooth off white head. Coffee and chocolate aromas came off the top, with some roasted malts. I tasted mostly coffee at first. Some fizziness took me to the middle of the drink, where some semi-bitter chocolate came through. Medium bodied, it finished with straight coffee the rest of the way. Not too dynamic, but I enjoyed the coffee flavor, which was more mild than most of the other coffee beers I have tried.


Next up was the Hernandez Pale (6% abv). This beer poured a rich golden color, with small, fizzy bubbles. It smelled exclusively hoppy and floral. The taste was mild up front, somewhat creamy and hoppy. These flavors continued to the middle, with only the hoppiness persisting through the finish.


Saving the biggest one for last, I tried the creatively named Wallaby Hunter IIPA (8.2%): It poured a pale effervescent yellow with tiny bubbles and creamy white head. Floral aromas at the front of the glass and malty toward the back (I recently read an article suggesting smelling from different parts of the glass, distances from the glass, etc.) Malty and hoppy in equal measure at the first taste. Then it transitioned to creamy into the middle. Mild and light-medium bodied, it finished somewhat boozy and creamy. Nice dynamic way to finish off this flight:



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