Pick Your Poison

Toxic Brew Collage_exteriorHappy Leap Year! While touring the city of Dayton, Ohio, we stopped by the Oregon District, which consisted mainly of a single street with historic houses and a few businesses. While idly wandering the street in the bitter cold, we found a funky little brewery called Toxic Brew Company. There were some cool murals and other art built into the side of the building outside. Walking in, I was struck by the openness of the space. There was lots of funky art on the walls, including some graffiti canvas art and death-inspired paintings. The bar ran down the middle of the room, with a brick wall behind it that split the room into two halves, with the bar and a shuffleboard to the right and some low tables to the left. There were a few Ohio-themed art pieces, including their logo, which features a skull and crossed bottles inside the outline of the state.

Toxic Brew Collage_interiorOf course, I toured their menu by getting myself a flight. I started with the ‘Til Death Do Us Tart Berliner Weisse (4.8% abv). This first one poured cloudy pale yellow, with thin fizzy white head. The aromas were grassy, lemony and somewhat bready. The first taste was quite sour, with lots of funk and some bready barley flavor. The middle was fizzy with light body and light-medium carbonation. It finished sour and tart. Not my favorite style of beer, so not entirely their fault that I didn’t much care for this one.


Next up was the Abbey Brunette Belgian Dubbel (6.8% abv). It poured bright clear amber, with thin white head. Aromas were very mild, with only a hint of malty sweetness. The taste was malty and sweet. A little dark fruit came through into the middle. Light-medium body and light carbonation lead to a somewhat malty finish. I must have been in the mood for malts because I enjoyed this beer.


Toxic Brew Flight

The third beer I tried was the Hum Bug Seasonal Ale (7.6% abv). It poured an orangey color, with creamy white head that coated the glass. It smelled very mild, with only a hint of sweet maltiness. The taste was super mild and creamy, starting with some mild malty sweetness, moving to a bit of a spiced vegetal flavor in the middle. Medium in body and light in carbonation, it finished malty and sweet. Despite sounding pretty dynamic, it was just off for a holiday ale.


I finished my flight with the Lockness Express Scotch Ale (7.6% abv). This last one poured a rich brown amber color, with thin light brown head. It smelled rich, roasty and malty. The first taste was very smooth and mild. Then the malts kicked in, followed by some fruitiness like cherries. The middle was light-medium-bodied and lightly carbonated and it finished somewhat thick with malts and the fruity sweetness trailing.


Toxic Brew Hanger 18 PorterAs is my habit, my exuberance got the better of me and I did not stop after the flight, mainly because I simply didn’t have room in the flight for the Hanger 18 Porter (6.2% abv). It poured black, with thin tan head. It smelled rich and sweet. The taste was mild and smooth. There was some chocolate and mild sweetness at first, followed by a hoppy bitterness. The middle was smooth, with some bittersweet flavors. Light body and light carbonation lead to a smooth finish, with more bitterness and a touch of coffee flavor. This may have been an average porter, but it was exactly what I wanted on such a cold day.


I really enjoyed this brewery. Everyone we met was very friendly, the place was entertaining to the eye and the beer was some of the best we had on our trip to Ohio. I definitely recommend it.

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