The Fifth

 Went to a very out of the way brewery near Palm Springs called La Quinta. It was a very small industrial place, with orange sponge paint on the walls, unfinished beadboard, and a brown concrete floor. There was a half wall with corrugated aluminum siding in front of a very small tasting bar. There was a tasting bar along the window to the left, overlooking the dusty street outside. The bathrooms were through a door to the left of the bar, which also led to a back room seeking area amongst the brewing area, with a picnic table and some stools along a tasting bar at another window overlooking the street.

Koffi Porter on nitro (6.2% abv). The beer poured very dark brown, with a thick cap of smooth light tan head. It smelled heavily of coffee, with lots of roasted malts and a touch of bittersweet chocolate. The first taste was of the chocolate, with roasted malts following. A heavy dose of coffee flavor came on into the middle. Medium-bodied and lightly carbonated, it had a smooth finish that had more of the coffee flavor lingering.


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