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Brew By the Bay

Bay City Brewing collageI hope all had a great Mother’s Day. I went to a really random-seeming spot called Bay City Brewing. This was a very small place tucked away by the freeway by, well, Mission Bay in San Diego. It was kind of beachy, with a light blue wall behind an industrial-rustic wooden bar top, Edison light bulbs and skylights overhead. There was one long tasting table with the same wood on top. Beyond the bar was the brewing area, with four fermenters, two brew tanks, a lauter tun and one mash tun. They even had something delicious looking in barrels on the floor.

inexplicable door

A door…leading to a pole.

Being the patriot I am, I had the ‘Merican Stout (6.66% Bay City Brewing 'Merican Stoutabv): This beer poured deep, dark brown, with thin white head. It smelled of coffee and only slight bitterness. The taste was unlike any stout I had had before: it was carmelly, somewhat malty and a little bitter. Some sourness lead into a middle that was light, malty and had medium carbonation. The finish was light, with some malty sweetness and lingering bitterness, as the carbonation tingled on my tongue.


Bay City Brewing Sour BrownThen I tried was the Sour Brown (4% abv): The second beer poured a light brown color, with thin white head that didn’t stick around long. It smelled like spice, anise and slightly of malt. The taste was sour at first, with some spice and then the anise kicked in- not enough to knock my teeth out with licorice, but a nice subtle flavor. The middle was medium-bodied and lightly carbonated, while the drink finished with some spice and a lot of malty sweetness.


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