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Little Abita Mardi Gras

AbitaMardiGrasBock_fullHappy Mardi Gras! Today I have for you a celebratory libation from the good folks at Abita Brewing Company called Mardi Gras Bock. This was an interesting lager with some flavors I would not expect to find in a bock, which usually emphasizes just the malt and caramel flavors.

It poured a slightly hazy golden amber, with characteristic thick-looking head that dissipated quickly. There was a light smell of malts and some caramel at first, but then some very faint sweet fruit aroma, possibly of melon, that really surprised me. The taste was hard to describe at first with a medium mouthfeel, AbitaMardiGrasBock_toplots of carbonation and some roasted malt flavor. This was followed by the sweetness of the malts. Some bitterness came through next to break up all the malt, finishing with the malty sweetness lingering afterward.

Despite what may seem like an overabundance of malts, this was an interesting beer:


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