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All About Brewing

I had mentioned this place in my post Day 3- Fermentation, so I thought it deserved a more . As mentioned in the earlier post, All About Brewing is a small fairly out-of-the-way brewing supply store in El Cajon, less than a 10 minute drive from our brewery… I mean, house. This is a far more convenient option than ordering from an online supplier like Midwest Supplies, since we can go and buy practically anything we need right there and not have to wait (or pay shipping charges.) They are just starting up out there, so to some their inventory may seem somewhat limited, but to a novice like myself, they have everything I could possibly want there. They have whole tubs full of any kind of grain you could want to add to your ingredient list. They have all kinds of bottling and kegging equipment, refrigerators full of yeasts of all kinds, fermenters, chiller rings and cleaning/sanitizer supplies. They even sell home-brew kits and, soon, copper stills for making distilled creations.

All About Brewing All About Brewing2

More importantly than the physical supplies they offer, they are also very generous with their advice on beer making. Jim, the proprietor of the establishment, is a brewer himself and a real nice guy to boot. He is more than happy to give you advice if your brew isn’t going particularly well, or he will just chat with you about beer, home brewing, or anything at all, really. He is a genuinely nice guy and seems to really care about people’s experience with drinking and brewing beer. Look this place up if you are in the area and want a great experience in your journey of beer making.

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Out & About

Beer to me is as good as the people with who I am drinking (and/or making) it. I believe beer is to be shared. So, too, is the knowledge and culture that surrounds it. Because of this, I decided to dedicate a page to the places I go to drink, talk about and just generally experience beer.

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Taking the journey

Hello fellow beer fans and aficionados,

Since I created this blog mainly to help share my first experience with home brewing, let me start off by saying that I could not be more excited about it. The kit should be here tomorrow and my garage will be transformed from a place to store my stuff that I don’t need into an enchanted laboratory where the most magical elixir in the land will be brewed. It should be an interesting experience going from casual, although dedicated, beer drinker to a maker of the stuff.

I am excited by all the different kinds of beer out there- from lagers to ales and stouts (oh my!). I particularly enjoy drinks from the ale family, but all are good and helped ignite my interest in brewing and beer culture and cultivated it into a growing passion. As I learn more about home brewing, I will post all of the trials and tribulations that are what make this whole process exhilarating.

So, I hope people will join me on this journey navigating the exciting world of home brewing.


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