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Ghost of Hops Past

Rhinegeist MosaicFinishing up in Ohio, I wound up trying a brew from Rhinegeist, a Cincinnati brewery running out of a far older brewery that shuttered during Prohibition. The Mosaic Pale Ale (5.6% abv) was a great introduction to a brewery I had never tried before. It poured opaque golden, with thick sudsy off white head. The smell was super hoppy, with lots of floral and citrusy fruit aromas. The first taste was all hops, with the same floral notes as the aroma. A touch of malt came on into the middle. Light body and light carbonation lead to a somewhat malty finish, with more of the floral hoppiness trailing. This was a very smooth pale.


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What the Ale?

Back at Rough Draft Brewing again and I tried some of their more experimental offerings. First, I had the Rough Draft What the Ale? pale aged in Pinot noir barrels. This one poured a deep golden orange color with tiny head that dissipated quickly. Grapes and malts predominated the smell. The taste was malty sweet and slightly sour. Grapey wine flavors carried through the middle. Medium-light body with light carbonation, it finished with a moderate light wine flavor. It was an interesting beer.


Then I tried the Grapefruit Weekday IPA. It poured bright golden, similar to the regular Weekday IPA, with tiny bubbles and small loose head. The aroma was slightly sour and citrusy. The taste was tart up front, with some grapefruit and mild hoppiness. The middle was somewhat malty and sour. Medium bodied, it finished tart and citrusy. Not quite dynamic enough for me.


Sorry about not having photos. For some reason Apple iCloud hides certain ones from upload…

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