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Belching in Vista

Took a trip up to Vista to visit Belching Beaver Brewery. I’ve seen this beer all over San Diego and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to go. It was in an old bank building that was not much to look at on the outside, but the inside had at least a little character. The bar was all copper-backed, with cool copper foil tile and sheets of copper backing the taps. The seating area and restaurant area sat directly ahead, complete with another counter area, in the middle of which were slits that spouted orange-lit steam, so that it looked like fire, looking away from the bar toward the back of the restaurant.

Beyond were roll up doors that opened to a good-sized patio area with plastic wicker furniture. To the right of the bar sat the original bank vault, that gave this place away as a former bank building.

I had the Beaver Buzz (5.3% abv): It poured dark chocolate brown, with thin white head. The aroma was definitely of coffee. There was a bit of bittersweet chocolate and not much else. The taste was malty and somewhat thick at first. The intense coffee flavor came through first, with some more maltiness to follow. The middle was medium-heavy and lightly carbonated and the coffee flavor carried through to the finish. A pretty basic coffee beer, but tasty.



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There’s Copper and Gold in Them Glasses!

Ballast Point Nitro Copper ESBAs the Christmas holiday draws near, I think about what will warm my belly in the most seasonal way possible, while still providing some taste exploration. Ballast Point isn’t afraid to experiment with their beers, which is good for us consumers. Case in point: the Copper ESB on nitro (5.5% abv): It poured a rich copper color (duh) with a creamy cap of off white head. So thick was the head that not much made it through the foam in the way of aromas. The taste started off very mild, with a little caramelly sweetness. There was just a touch of bitterness into the middle. Almost no carbonation and a surprisingly light body did nothing to change the mildness. Not much else to distinguish it. A seriously benign drink.


To wake up my taste buds from such a sleepy start, I next tried the Schooner Wet Hop Ballast Point Schooner Wet Hop(5.5% abv): This one poured a deep golden color, with thin white head. It smelled grassy, floral and pretty refreshing. The taste was mild, with a moderate hoppiness and some of the flowers and grass I got from the smell. Mild through the middle, with medium carbonation and light body, it finished hoppy and somewhat sour, with flowers and grass lingering. I appreciated the change from hoppy to sour back to hoppy, but overall another mild one.



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