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Punkin Drinkin’

IMG_2221So, in my continuing celebration of all things (beer) fall, I went with another recommendation by the same BevMo employee who suggested the pumpkin ale from Unita Brewing. This one comes from Delaware brewery Dogfish Head Craft Brew Ales.  This is another one I have not had too often and it’s no wonder why: this beer came in a 4-pack of 12 oz bottles for over twelve bucks! Now, I’ve been around the beer scene long enough to know how this works, but this is just a little too budgetarily (yeah, I made that one up) lofty for me to pick up regularly. But enough about me; on to the beer!

Punkin Ale poured a surprisingly light golden color, with fizzy off white head. I’m no expert in pumpkin ale brewing, but these seem to all resemble soda in the glass, with lots of active carbonation that makes them come alive on the pour. The smell was sour up front, with some fruity notes and a touch of spice. Not much maltiness came through on the taste, but the effervescence gaveIMG_2224 it a nice lively kick. Then came a refreshing sourness that was not at all out-of-place. The vegetable bitterness from the pumpkin didn’t come on until the end, with helped take away the sourness to leave a nice clean finish.

Much like the pumpkin offering from Unita, I liked this beer, as it also avoided the sweetness I have found so often in other pumpkin beers. Despite that, I have to give the edge to Unita and am giving this beer a:


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