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Out of This World Brew

Intergalactic Brewing CollageAfter exploring breweries all around it, I finally made it to a nearby brewery called Intergalactic Brewing Co. A small brewery in an office park in the eastern part of Mira Mesa, the place had a somewhat barroom-meets-warehouse feel, with a couple of what looked like snap-together cocktail tables and stools in the lobby/entrance area. Beyond that was the main room, with three unfinished picnic tables, a couple more cocktail tables and not much else. The loading dock was to the back right. Just in front of that was a shuffleboard table. The tasting bar was simple and small, with a good number of taps and only a few stools for seating. Party lights hung below the hanging lights of the building. Definitely a low-budget operation, but I certainly don’t fault them for that. You have to start somewhere.

All You Need Is Love Red IPAStill in a charitable mood, I chose their submission to the All You Need Is Love charity, called appropriately enough All You Need Is Love Red IPA (5% abv). The bartender told me this “hoppy red” turned out more on the malty end of the spectrum than they wanted. “I’ll be the judge of that,” I said (in my head). It poured a reddish-brown color with lots of tiny bubbles and foamy off white head. It certainly smelled malty, with lots of malty sweetness and a toasty character. There was a slight hint of fruitiness and even a slighter hint of yeastiness. At first I tasted only malts, with a hint of sweetness. As it moved to the middle of the drink, more sweetness came on, with some dark fruits. Light-medium bodied and lightly carbonated, it finished malty, somewhat sweet, with a sort of tartness I couldn’t rightly identify trailing.


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