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Infographic: 24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

Drink to your health and learn somethin’!

Live, Learn, and Dream

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Taking the journey

Hello fellow beer fans and aficionados,

Since I created this blog mainly to help share my first experience with home brewing, let me start off by saying that I could not be more excited about it. The kit should be here tomorrow and my garage will be transformed from a place to store my stuff that I don’t need into an enchanted laboratory where the most magical elixir in the land will be brewed. It should be an interesting experience going from casual, although dedicated, beer drinker to a maker of the stuff.

I am excited by all the different kinds of beer out there- from lagers to ales and stouts (oh my!). I particularly enjoy drinks from the ale family, but all are good and helped ignite my interest in brewing and beer culture and cultivated it into a growing passion. As I learn more about home brewing, I will post all of the trials and tribulations that are what make this whole process exhilarating.

So, I hope people will join me on this journey navigating the exciting world of home brewing.


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