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Expose THIS to Your Taste Buds

Ninkasi Expo 58I started seeing this beer from Ninkasi a few months ago and I thought, “Hmm, I love the brewery…I haven’t had this one from them…” Then I came to the realization, “I should try┬áthis!” And so it was that Ninkasi Expo 58 Belgian-Style Golden Pale Ale came into my possession.

It poured a fizzy clear pale yellow color with foamy head that left loose lace that slid down the sides of the glass easily. Yeasty and sour aromas mark this beer as definitely a member of the Belgian family. There was also some malty sweetness at the end. It tasted very yeasty and bright, with light body and mouthfeel. The Ninkasi Expo 58 topcarbonation was refreshing and light. Some sourness came on toward the middle, with some tangy lemon flavors afterward. It finished with the same yeastiness.

This was a refreshing, tasty beer to start the spring season.


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