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Please and Garzias!

Mike Hess Brewing PanoMike Hess Brewing is a great little brewery in North Park. Walking in, the first thing I noticed were the kettles and mash tuns right at eye level; I was walking above the brewing equipment! At the end of that catwalk was the tasting area straight ahead, with seating to the left and right. The area behind the bar/tasting counter appeared to be a gate or loading dock. The low lighting gave the place the feel of a super hip art gallery. In fact, there were what appeared to be large canvases on the wall, complete with accent lighting.

Coffee Grazias Vienna Cream beerGarzias Cream Ale top

The beer I decided on was one I don’t really drink much. I went with the Grazias Vienna Cream Ale. According to their website, they named this beer to pay homage to the homeland of Vienna style in which it was brewed. They also wanted to add a touch of gratitude by making the name sound like the Spanish word gracias, or “thank you.”

It poured deep copper with tiny bubbles and creamy white head. Malty sweet aromas met with some coffee on the smell. Nice light carbonation on the taste, with coffee up front. Sweet malts followed and lasted through the middle of the beer. Smooth with medium-light mouthfeel, it finished malty with a little coffee trailing. I enjoyed this beer:


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