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We Do the Mash!

JackolanternWith San Diego Beer Week closing in on us next week, we have Halloween to keep us company this week. With this in mind, we celebrate the scariest beers we can find. San Diego Brewing Co. was more than happy to oblige with their Monster Mash 2015 (8.6% abv):

Monster MashThis “scary dark ale” (read: “imperial stout”) poured black, with thick foamy brown head. Dark fruit and raisin aromas dominated the smell, with some spice and brown sugar making it through. The taste was mild at first, then I tasted spicy dark fruit. It was little bitter going into the middle of the drink. Heavy-bodied with light carbonation, it was smooth to the finish, with more dark fruit flavors and a tartness I had not tasted before. Nice and dynamic for a stout.


Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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