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Mystery Year End

Alpine HFS IPANothing like a glass full of mystery to finish the year off right! Alpine Brewing recently opened a tasting room not too far from their old location, thanks to their acquisition by Green Flash. This allowed the addition of a rather nice tasting room with a back-woodsy lodge feel to it. Lots of open space on the patio, with a pretty standard tasting room and restaurant inside. I got no pictures, but I’ll be back.

Instead of touring the place, I ordered a beer that had just come out and was not described anywhere on the menu as a result. Mysteriously called Alpine HFS IPA (6.5% abv), I knew only that it would likely be hoppy. With Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe hops, hoppy it was, according to our server. “Mosaic” was all I needed to hear and I was in.

It poured a rich golden color with small bubbles and light thin white head. It smelled fruity and fresh, with a touch of bitter hoppiness. It tasted piney and reminded me of being in nature at the first sip. Some of the hop bitterness followed, with pine flavors returning toward the middle and a slight maltiness. Light body and medium carbonation kept it fresh into a somewhat malty finish, with the same piney flavor lingering.

Just a bit too much nature in a glass for me:


                 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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