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Oasis in the East

Pacific Islander collageDriving through the Mad Max-style scenery of Santee, there was a small oasis called Pacific Islander Brewing. It had a great Polynesian surfing theme. The outside was adorned with Polynesian ceremonial masks and lifeguard chairs, with AstroTurf and large tile. Inside was a standard tasting room, complete with a long tasting table and lots of concrete. There were also surfboards hung on all of the walls.

Of course, I got a flight, on accouna I had never been before. First was a Li’ke Li’ke (6% abv): It poured rich golden-yellow with tiny bubbles and almost no head. It smelled somewhat skunky and a little cheap (like Miller or Budweiser). The taste was as mild as expected, with only a small amount of hoppiness and little else to distinguish it. All in all an underwhelming start.


Next was the Duty Free IPA (7% abv): The second beer poured deep clear orange with just as few bubbles as the blond and only slightly more head. Aromas were super floral, with a bit of tropical fruit after. The taste was hoppy at first, with rich fruit flavors that included mango, a touch of coconut and maybe pineapple. Mild into the middle, it was light bodied, lightly carbonated and finished smooth and fruity.


Pacific Islander flightThird up was a red that wasn’t on the menu (no name or abv given). The pour was dark red with bright white foam on top. Aromas included heavy malty sweetness and a little sourness. It tasted rich and sweet, with a little brown sugar into the middle. Mild and rich, it had medium body and light carbonation. The finish was malty and sweet. This was their best beer on offer that particular day.


Fourth, was the Tahitian Brown (5.8% abv): This one poured a deep, dark chocolate color, with bright white head. It smelled of coffee, chocolate and malts. The first thing I tasted was coffee, followed by the chocolate and malty sweetness. Mild, lightly carbonated and light body, it finished smooth and rich, with the bitter chocolate trailing.


Last was the Stink Eye Chocolate Stout (7.1% abv): The last one poured almost black, with thick, sticky tan head. It smelled like rich, bittersweet chocolate and a little boozy. The taste was unexpected: it included a chile flavor and a little vegetal bitterness. There was also a touch of pepper. The middle was heavy and equally rich. Lightly carbonated and heavy body, it finished heavy and sticky.


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