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Spring is in the air…and my glass!


I will admit that I don’t drink Karl Straus beer much, as it tends to be a bit pricey and many times I am unable to find anything but IPAs (though this second reason is not unique to Karl), but when I heard about the special at Karl Strauss for a $10 growler that included a fill… well, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Plus, I recently discovered that mosaic hops in a beer make for a great flavor profile.

This one comes from Karl’s Coastal Reserve series, which currently includes three others: Big Barrel Double IPA, Blackball Belgian IPA, and Boardwalk Black Rye. The one I tried was the Mosaic Session Ale. Session ales are essentially lower alcohol beers (no higher than 5%) that define themselves by their drinkability and allow the consumer to have multiple of them without putting them on the floor or knocking out their taste buds.

Much like its counterpart at Ninkasi, this one pours a clean, golden color with not much head. The aroma is grassy and a bit flowery, with some tart fruit like grapefruit, that can’t help but make me think of springtime. The taste quickly shows off the grassiness that shortly after it gives way to strong tart grapefruit flavors. At first I was reminded of a really hoppy IPA, but there was none of the hoppy bite, so it went down easily. The finish leaves mostly tart, slightly sour grapefruit. The only downside to this beer is a slightly sticky, sugary cotton mouth feeling; not tremendously off-putting, but just a little unexpected from so mild a beer.



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Dinner & Dessert in a Glass

IMG_1557[1]I just tried a new release by Karl Strauss at, where else, my favorite neighborhood haunt. In short, the Peanut Butter Cup Porter is a humongous, tasty beer. Got it poured, but had to wait for it, as it was quite busy, so the head was all but non-existent by the time I saw it. It looked to be a pretty dark off white/tan color that complimented the super dark, barely opaque nectar in the glass. It smelled very rich, like a bag of Tollhouse chocolate chips. I didn’t take any peanut butter from the smell, though. The taste, on the other hand, was just about all the peanut butter the smell was lacking. It first hit me as engine oil, very thick on my tongue, rich, though not sweet, and somewhat chocolatey toward the middle. It finished with a nice alcoholic warmth.

All in all, not a beer I could drink all the time, but a good one, nonetheless.

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