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Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up

Moylan's Kilt LifterBut don’t call it to a skirt! I received this beer as a gift from a friend who said it was really good. Any beer that sports a Scottish tartan and whose name includes the word ‘kilt’ definitely piques my interest.

This scotch-style ale poured cloudy red with tiny bubbles and thin, but surprisingly creamy off white head. It smelled slightly sour, with rich malty notes underneath and a hint of dark fruit. I tasted fruit up front, something like plum, though I could not place it, with some sourness and lots of malty sweetness. Medium bodied, it had a pleasing amount of carbonation. The finish was fairly heavy on the malts, with a little sourness.

Moylan's Kilt Lifter top

Over all, a little too heavy for me to drink this one often:


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