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So Good It’s CRAZY!

IMG_1944I haven’t had any brews from Left Coast before, but this one set my mind a-spinnin’. This here is 1 pint, 6 fluid ounces of pure Belgian goodness. It pours a deep, dark orange, which reminds me of fall (even though we’re beginning our hot summer season where I live). The head is pretty fizzy and dissipates rather quickly, which is to be expected of somewhat effervescent Belgian-style beers. This helps give it a lively feel, not unlike that of a saison, in my opinion. The first whiff brought out the sourness characteristic of these beers, with strong yeast character and some sweetness. It actually reminds me a little of the “beer” I have attempted to make on the journey I talk about on here so much.



The taste brought forward all the sourness this beer has to bear, which isn’t to say that it’s bad; some might find it off-putting, but I think it makes a beer more interesting and gives it more for the drinker to discover as they work their way through it. This beer, though, could hardly be called “work,” as it is surprisingly easy drinking, despite its 11.8% abv. After the sourness came the yeast. These little critters imbued this beer with so much taste, it was almost unexpected. Almost. It finished sour, with a touch of sweetness toward the end that was quite pleasant.

Overall, this beer is a fine example of a Belgian-style tripel.

I would rate this beer:




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