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Brew of the Common Man

AnchorSteamCommon_fullToday I have for you what may not be the most exciting beer I have tried, but still one I enjoyed. Anchor Steam makes a good Christmas Ale, but their regular, everyday California Common Beer is a great one that you can enjoy year-round and at only 4.9% abv, you can also enjoy it all night.

It poured a bubbly reddish-golden color with persistent medium white head. The aromas were light, with caramel and vague fruitiness like a mix of berry and some dark plum coming AnchorSteamCommon_topthrough. It was light on taste, too, with heavy carbonation and sweet fruit up front, then some of the caramel coming through. The fruitiness came back and stuck through the rest of the drink, including the finish. The carbonation made it a little like drinking a soda.

Not the most dynamic drink I have had, but still enjoyable.


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