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Never too Late to Celebrate! Prost!

Great Lakes OktoberfestWe were lucky enough to have people in Ohio saving beers for us since October that are not available where we live. Even luckier for us, Great Lakes Oktoberfest (6.5% abv) was set aside awaiting our arrival. This beauty poured a golden orange color, w/ thin white head. Sour and malty aromas came off of it, with a little sugary sweetness. The taste was rich and smooth. It had lots of roasty malts up front. There was some vegetal bitterness next, with a little spice note. Light-medium body and light-medium carbonation, it finished malty and bitter. Overall, it was a perfect example of a märzen style beer.


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Oktoberfest 2014 Has Angekommen!


Happy Oktoberfest! For those that don’t know, the title means Oktoberfest has “arrived”! For beer lovers, this is a wonderful time of year, during which our passion for this magical brew is celebrated in Munich, Germany and around the world. It runs for 16 joyous days, starting in the last couple of weeks of September through the fist weekend in October. It has been held every year since 1810 and I, for one, will happily support this tradition.

Ibeer glass side view started this year with a visit to my favorite local eatery/drinkery KnB. They were having a tapping party for Firestone’s 2014 release of Oaktoberfest. This is from one of my favorite breweries from which to have beers, as well as to visit. Oaktoberfest is from the Bavarian Märzenbier style, which typically has lower hop character and is higher in malty sweetness. This one certainly fit the bill. As you can see, it poured a rich, somewhat hazy golden color, with light carbonation and medium white head that really stuck to the glass– always a good sign for me.

The aromas were a little fruity, with some woodiness and prominent malt sweetness. The taste was right in line with the smell, with fruitiness right up front, and light, despite the maltiness that followed. Then it faded to a mild woody headtaste with a nice effervescence and a touch of sourness on the finish that really made this a refreshing experience.

I must say, I have had relatively little experience with the Märzen style, outside of the one that comes in the 18-pack of Gordon Biersch I used to pick up from Costco. While this was not a bad way to experience a new kind of beer, having Oaktoberfest strait from a keg is definitely a better way to go.

I also have to give props to the Firestone rep we met at KnB, Larry, who hooked us (and everyone at the event that night) up with some free merchandise.


Free swag is always a good thing.

Overall, I would rate this beer:


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