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Send in the Longships

Longship Brewery collageThis episode brought to you by yet another nondescript industrial office park brewery. Just outside the tech center of San Diego, Mira Mesa was home to Longship Brewery. This small outfit was run by a team of three: the owner/bartender, brewer and brewery manager. Their sign was quite distinctive and helped me find the place, but it was otherwise unmarked. The inside, however was full of Nordic flare, from the extremely rough-hewn wood bar, to the water-themed mural on the wall behind, to the Viking warrior shields on the walls. There was more to look at here than at many breweries I had been to lately.

Longship Brewery shieldsAs for the beer, the names of their brews were all appropriately Nordic and I was in the mood for a stout, so I got a chocolate stout called Muninn (5.25% abv). It poured dark brown with tan head on top that dissipated rather quickly for a beer on nitro. Aromas were heavy on the bittersweet chocolate, with a hint of malt behind it. The taste was very mild at firs, Muninn chocolate stoutturning to a heavy, though tasty, dose of chocolate and bitterness. The middle was equally mild, with medium-heavy body and light carbonation .It finished bitter and full of chocolatey goodness. Lesser breweries would have made a beer like this taste like Hershey’s in a glass, but this was pleasantly mild, but still with taste.


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