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A Whole New World

IMG_1674No, seriously. It’s Samuel Adams New World. I know, I know– Sam Adams is about the biggest you can get and still call it a microbrewery, but I still love their beer. The Sam Adams New World is another from their Barrel Room Collection. I have written before about the Stony Brook Red and my love for this one is not much different.

Like the red, still in the Belgian style, this Tripel is a big beer. It is super malty for being a “lighter” (read: non-stout) beer, but it packs a 10% abv. It pours a dark golden color with bright creamy head, not unlike that of a lighter red brew. The first thing that hit my nose is the sourness, though it is not overpowering or unpleasant. There is also some sweetness that comes through. With the first sip, I immediately tasted the rich malt. That maltiness is the main characteristic of a Tripel, after all. After that, the sourness came through, with some light spice notes and some sweetness that really helped mellow out the bitterness. I was left with a nice semi-sweetness in my mouth, aware I had just ingested a highly alcoholic beer, but not a punch in the gut.


I liked this beer every bit as much as the Stony Brook. I will have to try at least another of the Barrel Room beers, though many of them are berry-flavored…

Oh, and for those of you who are inclined:


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