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Drinking…For a Cause

Second Chance All You Need Is Love porterAt a brewery in the Eastern part of San Diego county is a brewery called Second Chance. I still need to get a post up about that wonderful place, but this one is all about the beer. I really like a couple of their regular beers, but two on the menu when I went recently struck the philanthropic heartstrings a bit. The first one was called All You Need is Love (7.7% abv). With 5% of the proceeds going to a charity called Equality Florida & Stonewall Citizens Patrol in San Diego, benefiting victims of the recent Orlando nightclub tragedy, I had to get it. This scotch ale poured dark amber, to the point of looking almost wine-colored. What little head there was left a white ring around the edge and was loose on the sides of the glass. The aroma was rich and almost sweet, with a dark fruitiness to it, with maybe a little malt on the back end. The taste was mild at first, with lots of dark plum and grape flavor. The same grapiness carried through to a middle that was light bodied and lightly carbonate. The finish was also light, with some more plums and dark fruit and a sticky sweetness trailing.


Brewbies On My MindMy next sips for charity came from a beer called Brewbies On My Mind (5.2% abv). This lovely was a pink saison, which I had never had before. 5% of sales from this beer were being donated to the Keep a Breast Foundation, so here again, I couldn’t not get this one and feel ok about myself. It poured pale pinkish-amber, with lacy head on top. The aroma was almost all citrus- like pure grapefruit in lemonade, with a little malt added. The taste was a little tart at first, with lots of grapefruit flavor and a smoothness, thanks to the maltiness, that carried into the middle. Light bodied and lightly carbonated, this refreshing beer finished with a little tartness and a touch of sour on the finish.


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