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Attack of the Red!


PortSharkAttack_glassEvery year on the first Monday of September is the celebration of the achievements of American workers and the contributions they make to the country as a whole. We each celebrate in our own way. I, for instance, cracked open this lovely beer from Port Brewing Co. Shark Attack Double Red Ale (9% abv) poured dark amber in color with tiny bubbles and a thick cap of foamy off white head. It smelled surprisingly malty sweet for a double red, given the amount of hops advertised on this one. There was only a hint of hoppy aroma, some dark fruit in there and a sweetness not connected to the malts, as well. It tasted rich and malty right off the top. The hoppiness came through right after that, with the fruitiness from the aroma and a bit of spiciness toward the middle. With medium body and light carbonation, it finished mostly hoppy and a bit dry. Good for a hoppy non-IPA.


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