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I’m Dreaming of a Red Christmas

AleSmith YuleSmithDecember is here and with it, comes my favorite holiday: Christmas! It must be up there on the list of favorite holiday seasons for the folks at AleSmith as well, as they have a semi-annual release called YuleSmith. The summer version is a huge double IPA, but in winter, it is an imperial red beast. Let’s get into it, shall we?

This one poured a rich, dark brown with tiny bubbles and creamy off-white head. It smelled quite hoppy, with a slight fruity sweetness hiding underneath. It tasted slightly hoppy at first, with some nice roasted malt flavor toward the middle. It had a great, smooth mouthfeel, until the hoppiness came back a little too strongly and took over from there. There were some interesting slightly fruity caramel notes on the finish, though I was left with the sensation that I had just had a mouthful of hops.YuleSmith top

For a beer that held such promise, I felt it relied a little too heavily on the hops. This surprised me, as it posts only 48 IBUs. I’m rating this one:


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