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Faniciness Prohibited

Prohibition collage

Prohibition Brewing Co. was a way out-of-the-way place in Vista. The building it sat in reminded me of a cross between an old motel and a Mexican food restaurant. The outside was squat, dark and covered in a mural of a small bar scene. The inside was reminiscent of an ecclectic barn-meets a pizza parlor. There was a host stand in the entry way, with both wooden and round fiberglass picnic tables beyond. The floor was made up of large black and white checkers. To the left of the entrance was the small bar area, which from the outside, was all I was expecting to see on the inside, to be honest. Their beer selection was larger than I was expecting, with some equally surprising styles, including a Black Rye IIPA, Wheat Hopped IIPA, and Vanilla Cream Ale.

Prohibition sweet biscuit amberI got the Sweet Biscuit Amber (6.1% abv): This beer poured red in color with thin, fizzy white foam on top. It smelled very malty and a little sweet. There was also a little fruit aroma toward the end. The taste was mild at first. Then the malty sweetness kicked in, followed by a touch of fruitiness. The middle was characterized by more maltiness and a biscuity dryness, that I assumed gave the beer its name. Medium body and light carbonation lead to a somewhat bready finish, with malty sweet stickiness trailing.


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Belated Oktoberfest

Rough Draft OktoberfestA little late to the party, after I promised a series celebrating Oktoberfest, I give you one from a great local brewery, Rough Draft. They are starting to send their bottles and kegs out more, so if you see it, pick some up and support the locals! I always do, though I got Rough Draft Oktoberfest Lager direct from the brewery because it’s always better from the source.

This one poured a clean medium brown, with light carbonation and foamy head that stuck around a pleasing amount of time. It did not smell like much; very mild and slightly bready was about all I could smell. The first thing I tasted was a lot of bitterness up front, then that faded to a mildness that was almost no taste at all. There was a slight pick up of malty notes toward the end, but that was about it. There really was no finish to speak of.

Over all, I was slightly disappointed with this beer. I had hoped for some bigger taste, but it just did not materialize.head pic top

I would give this beer:


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